Tree Removing

East Coast Mulching is a hard-working team of true professionals with extensive industry experience dedicated to providing our clients with the best tree services. We offer complete tree removal and stump grinding services for your property. We can include land clearing, slashing, and lantana removal to complete land rehabilitation from start to finish.

Our method of tree removing  and stump removal focuses on environmentally sustainable land clearing practices. Qualified professional tree specialists who pride themselves on efficiently removing unwanted vegetation conduct our tree removal services.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best service while respecting the integrity of your land at a very reasonable price.

Value driven land clearing

Sustainable Tree Removal Services

Traditional land clearing and tree and stump removal services often have a purely destructive mindset and clear vegetation indiscriminately. This mindset can have several consequences for the environment:

  • The machinery used can scar the earth by scraping vegetation off the ground and tearing out stumps, leaving large holes that disturb the soil;
  • Once the soil is disturbed, and protective tree roots are torn out, the land becomes susceptible to soil erosion. Erosion can lead to land infertility, aridity and increased risks of flooding;
  • Once the land is laid bare in this manner, any prospect of rehabilitating the ground at a later date is almost impossible;
  • Burning the remaining debris can cause significant air pollution and poses risks to local fauna.
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Stump Removal

Trees and other vegetation play a critical role in preserving your land, and understanding that connection is crucial to ensuring the continued viability of the land. When removing trees, it’s essential to consider what process will provide for the continuing good health of your property in the long run. Forestry mulching is the most effective removal process for the environment’s welfare. And there are many reasons why.

The benefits of mulching

The mulch resulting from shredded trees and vegetation is distributed evenly over the ground and provides several benefits:

Mulch cover maintains soil moisture which helps to prevent bushfires. A mulch layer also protects roots from frost, making vegetation more hardy in adverse conditions;

Mulch provides slow-release nutrients that can feed new vegetation for a long time;

Mulch provides shelter from the wind and rain, helping to prevent precious topsoil from being blown or washed away, leading to erosion. Retaining topsoil also prevents flooding as soil washed into waterways like creeks can cause blockages creating flood runoff;

Since mulching converts vegetation into a form immediately beneficial to the environment, it precludes the need for burning, which sidesteps many other potential environmental hazards.

Maintaining root systems

Root systems play an essential role in maintaining soil integrity. By mulching trees and stumps, we can clear the land for redevelopment, keeping the roots in place to stabilise the soil and prevent erosion. Our services also include the ability to remove tree stumps, which is a more efficient process than grubbing roots out of the ground and backfilling the resulting holes. You also don’t need to haul them away or burn them onsite.

We meet the needs of our customers

Ultimately, we take a sensible approach to land clearing by considering what is important to our customers and implementing a reliable tree removal strategy that meets our customers’ needs while protecting the health of the surrounding environment.

We invite you to give us a call and learn how we can help with your tree removing project!

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The tree removal process

Fire mitigation practices usually revolve around prescribed burning. In prescribed burning, there’s always the chance the fire will run out of control and cause danger to nearby properties and infrastructure. Also, you may need to organise public liability insurance and local council approval before beginning.

Dead trees and green waste buildup pose a significant bushfire risk. Complete removal of large branches and other debris reduces the fuel load. Creating a mulch layer also suppresses fires by retaining ground moisture.

The right tools for tree removal

Our forestry Mulchers are best in class for tree and tree stump removal, providing an all-in-one solution. Where traditional methods require multiple machines to push over trees, haul them away, or burn them onsite, our qualified tree service specialists can clear large and small trees and turn them into nutrient-bearing ground cover.

As a compact track loader, our equipment has a softer footprint than traditional machines. It will operate effectively over rugged terrain like mud, snow and sand without churning the soil.

Our machinery can navigate properties with complex topography like steep inclines and valleys. Tree removals in these locations are difficult when you haul away fallen trees rather than shredding them on the spot.

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Efficient tree removing process

For any landowner looking to build a home, or developer wanting to undertake a commercial project, forestry mulching is the answer. East Coast Mulching has all the equipment necessary to clear large areas of vegetation quickly and efficiently. Regardless of how complex or overgrown the property is, our tree removalists will undertake the required tree work to get your land into a desirable state.

Mulching all unwanted vegetation eliminates the need to burn piles of debris built up by alternative tree removal services. We can avoid these issues because we use our forestry mulcher to do much of the heavy lifting and slashing, with qualified tree services as required to complete the removal job from start to finish.

We can also help with more specific land management needs. You may only need one specific large tree removed. Our equipment can work around individual trees to tailor your yard’s landscaping. We can also target particular trees for removal if they grow too close to your house and create a safety issue.




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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a tree removal permit to clear trees from my property?

Land clearing, particularly if it involves specific categories of protected vegetation, is governed by various local and state regulations, including the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the 2014 Sunshine Coast Planning Management Scheme’s vegetation management code.

If you want to commence any land clearing in Australia and are unsure where you stand, you can ask for the local council approval. For example, the Sunshine Coast Council’s information on tree clearing on private property. You can also contact us, and our experienced team can assist you.

Tree removal costs are contingent on several considerations. We need to consider factors including (but not limited to):

The extent of the work to be done;

Tree height;

The nature and complexity of the work required;

How much time is needed to complete the job;

How far our team needs to travel.

As a forestry mulching service, we can keep our average costs down relative to other methods and deliver a superior result while completing the job safely.

Tree felling is often complicated and time-consuming, and it is highly recommended always to engage a tree removal company offering professional tree services, like East Coast Mulching. But rest assured, we provide fair pricing for our services, so contact us for a free quote on our tree removal cost today.

Pests like bark beetles are present in Queensland and can spread rapidly. These insects invade a tree trunk and cause the tree to rot from the inside. This rot impacts the tree’s structural integrity and, for larger trees, creates a falling hazard that can endanger people and infrastructure.

Mulching trees to create space between trunks can help inhibit their spread and limit their access to potential habitats. Shredding trees and tree stumps in a confined area protects surrounding healthy trees.

Land clearing methods like clearing and grubbing require multiple machines to remove a tree from your property. With forestry mulching, you only need one machine to get the job done. Using one machine saves on fuel and the human resources necessary to finish the project.

Also, we can complete projects faster since we mulch trees on the spot. We don’t need to go through the complicated process of first tree lopping, then hauling waste material offsite or burning it in hazardous burn piles.

Is it safe to remove trees close to our home?

You must approach trees in particularly sensitive places carefully, and we will never rush into removing trees if there is any risk to your private property or public infrastructure. If we can determine that the tree poses no threat, it may be worth preserving it for aesthetic purposes. 

There are circumstances where a tree’s root system can damage a house’s foundations, branches can break off and wreak havoc during storms, and overhanging branches may provide termites access to your roof. When these concerns are present, our tree specialists can advise you on the best action. With years of experience, we can remove a problem tree for your family’s safety.

Tree diseases pose problems for landowners wanting to cultivate a healthy environment. Some fungal pathogens target specific tree species. For example, the Teratosphaeria family of pathogenic fungi infest gum trees and can cause significant issues.

You may think mulching an infected tree will spread the pathogen to nearby healthy trees. However, studies show that mulch from diseased trees doesn’t transmit pathogens because the mulch creates an above-ground layer that does not directly contact roots.

For this reason, mulching is a practical way to eliminate unhealthy trees and maintain proper distancing between healthy trees to reduce the impact of pathogens.

East Coast Mulching uses the SS Eco Mulcher, a state-of-the-art machine that is versatile across various terrains. We can manoeuvre around obstacles, work on inclines, and provide selective clearing to achieve your desired result.

With a single machine, we can protect your property from the wear and tear that comes with heavy equipment operations.

East Coast Mulching has worked with residential and commercial clients as well as contracts with local councils to rehabilitate public land for future development. Whether you want to clear property to build your dream house or are working toward developing a commercial business program, we have the local knowledge and experience to assist you.