5 benefits of Land clearing services

The 5 Real Benefits of Land Clearing Services

What are the benefits of land clearing services? 

So, you have a plot of land that you know has a lot of potential for residential or commercial development if it wasn’t buried under a thick tangle of weeds, stubborn vegetation, tree stumps and other brush. You want to protect the land and also conduct some preparation for a future development project. There are different options for clearing your property and you need to understand the advantages of land clearing, which can help you make an informed decision.

Key takeaways The 5 Real Benefits of Land Clearing Services

  1. Land clearing services, particularly forestry mulching, enhance the potential of land for residential or commercial development. One of the clear advantages of land clearing is that it increases the land’s value by improving its usability. It also helps in controlling weed growth and mitigating fire hazards.
  2. Forestry mulching is an efficient and environmentally friendly land clearing process that prevents soil erosion, preserving the land’s integrity and fertility.
  3. Proper land clearing prevents soil erosion, preserving the land’s integrity and fertility.
  4. Land clearing promotes fresh tree growth by removing noxious weeds and invasive bushes, allowing sunlight in and fostering new growth.
  5. Forestry mulching allows for targeted land clearing, enabling the removal of specific trees or areas while leaving others intact. This is another benefit of the land clearing process.
  6. Land clearing through forestry mulching is non-invasive and cost-effective, requiring only one machine and reducing the need for excessive machinery and manpower.

What is forestry mulching land clearing?

Forestry mulching is the most efficient, and environmentally friendly way of clearing land currently available. With our specialised top of the range mulching equipment, East Coast Mulching has the tools to provide the best professional land clearing services. Based on the Sunshine Coast, and servicing the South East, Wide Bay and Darling Down Regions.  Whatever the job, we can help.

Forestry mulching essentially uses a single machine for the removal of trees and other growth, which are then turned into mulch. There are many reasons why forestry mulching is the complete package; here are five reasons it will benefit you.


Increase your land value

You could be looking to sell your beautiful plot of land that you know is suitable for any number of projects. For a prospective homeowner, this could be the location for a very special construction project.  But, to a buyer, if you can’t see it, you can’t sell it.

A major contributor to land value is its usability. A developer may consider a number of things:

  • Can the land be subdivided?
  • Does the site have decent access?
  • What services or utilities could be attached to the site?
  • Is it suitable for residential or commercial construction?

Let them see the property’s potential for any projects they have in mind by offering them clear land with a forestry mulcher.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to turn an overgrown piece of land into the dream of any property developer. Through proper maintenance and appropriate land clearing service, your land could increase multiple times in value.

Prevents soil erosion

As a landowner, you can appreciate the importance of preserving the land’s integrity. Erosion is a serious environmental matter that can lead to desertification and increased risk of flooding, among other things. Risks of land degradation can be influenced by:

  • Soil type. If it’s particularly sandy, it has an increased risk from effects like water erosion.
  • Windiness of the area. Landforms like valleys can be susceptible to regular strong winds that may disturb topsoil.
  • Availability of ground cover. Grass and mulch are excellent at protecting against erosion.
  • Frequency and intensity of rainfall. Locations that experience regular heavy rains can be eroded easily.

landslide, landslip, erosion

Alternative land clearing services

With that in mind, let’s take a moment to consider alternative land clearing operations: clearing and grubbing. This approach starts with a complete clearing away of all vegetation. Once this is done, the grubbing part of the job involves tearing out the root systems that remain.

Root systems are a critical part of maintaining the soil’s structure that prevents it from eroding away. A land clearing project like this churns up the dirt, leaving it exposed and at risk of being washed away by rain or scattered by the wind, which depletes its fertility.

Land clearing done right

There is simply no need to treat the land in this manner. With the right equipment, your land clearing needs can be met while preserving its fertility. Mulching trees instead of hauling them away puts down a protective layer of organic ground cover, helping to prevent erosion of precious topsoil by shielding it from rain and wind.

Also, since forestry mulchers shred trees and bushes where they stand, a large amount of debris removal is efficiently handled on the spot, and stump removal is unnecessary. Roots are left in place to help maintain structure.

As an example before you do anything either contact a professional land clearing contractors like East Coast Mulching or contact your local council for approval.

Promotes fresh tree growth

For property owners, it can be difficult to maintain a large plot. If left unattended, they can become overrun with noxious weeds and invasive bushes that stifle the growth of desirable plant species and trees. Tree removal can seem like a daunting job, especially if you are dealing with a heavily wooded area. But, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think.

With land clearing services like East Coast Mulching, we can remove trees and brush, even over large areas, with efficiency. At the same time, the resulting mulch left behind will assist in however you choose to cultivate the land afterwards. Removal of unwelcome growth through mulching lets sunlight in and allows new growth to propagate.

Forestry mulching naturally fertilises the land as the torn up trees and undergrowth return nutrients back to the earth. By opening up the land to sunlight, and allowing air to reach places that otherwise would have been suffocated under thick shrubs, mulching can also reduce chances of mould spreading and affecting desired growth.

Fresh tree growths (one of the benefits of land clearing services)

Allows for targeted land clearing

It’s often the case that clients don’t want their land entirely devoid of trees. Rather, the need is for dead tree clearing or other unsightly tree removal services. Land clearing services should be able to work around a site you want left untouched. Traditional land clearing methods can still cause all kinds of collateral damage and scar the ground in the process. Once old large trees are felled, they can’t be salvaged.

With our sophisticated land clearing machinery, we can focus on dead tree removal and anything else obstructing a particular site while leaving a few trees intact. Forestry mulching, at its core, respects your environmental concerns and can achieve greater precision than other land clearing projects. This makes it an excellent choice for site preparation, producing a well-kept property.

Non-invasive and cost effective

In addition to environmental protection, you want your land cleared cost effectively and with minimal traffic.



How much land clearing equipment?

With alternative approaches, you’re looking at accommodating machines like:

  • Bulldozers
  • Dump trucks
  • Compactors
  • Scrapers

bulldozer, dozer loader, gravel pit

dump truck, truck, gravel plant

Without mulching, these services have a lot of wood to get rid of. Tree logs and other debris must be dealt with through wood burning or removal from the property. Not only does this create excessive noise and air pollution, it drives up costs due to more man power and equipment.

A forestry mulcher only needs one machine to get the job done, which can save you money while delivering superior results. Don’t put up with an army of land clearing machinery working your land, when our SS Eco Mulcher Edge both eliminates vegetation and distributes the remains in a single, eco-friendly step.

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