Compact or Posi track loaders for Dry Hire

Our growing fleet of compact track loaders offers incredible value to our customers and is now available for hire.

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The most innovative CAT loader on the market!

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Cat 259D3 Compact Tracked Loader Hire TODAY


East Coast Mulching has many advantages to offer clients. Our land clearing expertise and local knowledge have US us AS the go-to forestry mulching service on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions. Another significant benefit we offer is our superior equipment.

Versatile and jam packed with performance.
High performance power train provides maximum performance and production capability through the Electronic Torque Management system.
Powered by the high-horsepower Cat C3.3B engine and backed by Cat’s Intelligent Leveling.
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Benefits of Cat 259D3 compact track loaders:

The Cat 259D3 compact track loader hire boasts cutting-edge technology that sets the standard for comfort and safety. No matter the job, our equipment can provide the full package deal solutions you need.

Maximum mobility

The Cat 259D3 features a suspended undercarriage for superior handling and operator comfort. The undercarriage has four torsion axles that enable the tracks to conform to the ground, improving traction regardless of the conditions. When travelling over loose or uneven terrain, the Cat 259D3 will maintain better traction, load retention and flotation.

High-powered performance includes:

The Cat 259D3 runs on the high-horsepower Cat C3.3B engine, delivering the power needed on even the most demanding jobs. The powertrain provides efficiency and performance through its Electronic Torque Management system.

Transport loads safely with our intelligent dual-direction self-levelling technology. Whereas competitor skid steers only self-level when raising a bucket or fork, the Cat 259D3 maintains loads effectively when raising and lowering.

Maximum mobility

Absorbing the vibrations from the uneven ground creates a comfortable ride for the operator. The operator can then safely move at speed over all terrain, improving productivity. You also get less wear and tear on the rubber tracks, reducing operating costs.

This undercarriage design contrasts with the rigid-mounted systems found on other machines. Rigid-mounted undercarriages transfer all vibrations to the operator. This drawback makes it much harder to work on tricky terrain.

Safe work environment

Your safety when operating our rental equipment is our main priority. With a 15% bigger cabin and wider doors, you’ll have more room to move while working. You’ll also benefit from improved work tool visibility, reducing risks even when working in tight spaces.

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If you’re looking for the most advanced machines for your site, look no further. With our equipment hire, you can work faster and more safely than ever. Contact us for an expert advice and more information about hiring our Cat 259D3 today.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is the CAT 259D3 the right machine?

Don’t let these hurdles dissuade you from pursuing your landscaping project. Every problem has a solution. No matter the difficulty you face with your property, East Coast Mulching can help.

You need equipment that is strong, versatile, and easy and safe to operate. Hiring our Cat 259D3 compact track loader can provide what you need to complete that property development.

Ease of use is important when working through the challenges of clearing and grading land. Can you work with the equipment yourself, or will you need to incur the additional costs of a specialised operator?

Technological advancements in heavy machinery have made them more accessible than ever. Without these advantages, your schedule and budget can get blown out quickly.

We have the options where you can hire the machine as is or take advantage of one of our skilled operators.

It would be nice only to work on well-structured soil that’s easy to traverse. In reality, you’ll likely face many kinds of terrain.

When clearing land, you may face loose gravel, muddy ground and other challenging surfaces. You must ensure that your machinery can handle these conditions safely and effectively.

This is where the CAT 2593D is superior to any machine. It can handle extremely tough terrain. Contact us to learn more.

You may think it’s simple to bring in equipment like skid steer loaders and open up your property for development. However, one of the biggest challenges to operating heavy machinery is your land’s topography.

Steep inclines create difficulties in mobility that can slow down work. Disruptions to work efficiency cost time, money and much frustration. There are also safety concerns around how well your equipment manages steep terrain.

The CAT 2593D can traverse over just about any steep incline. No matter the grade, you will always feel like you’re driving on flat ground.