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ECM is Brisbane's most preferred tree clearing service in the North, South East, or West of Brisbane
Inner Brisbane acreage locations

Whether you live in North Brisbane, the heart of the city, or the surrounding suburbs, you know how hectic life can be. Taking care of your property is essential, but finding a professional that offers professional land clearing and tree removal services can be difficult. Look no further because East Coast Mulching offers quality forestry mulcher hire and tree trimming services in the Brisbane area. We can provide a reasonable price for tree removal cost as tree specialists.

If you’re in Brisbane and on the market for local tree services and bush clearing companies, our highly skilled team of fully qualified land clearing specialists is ready to provide professional support. We have the best reputation for happy customers in the tree industry.

Clearing the land

Advance forestry mulching works

As licensed local land care specialists, we have extensive knowledge of the Brisbane region. Our tree lopping and land clear services are perfectly aligned to provide our customers with a quality craft that delivers a quick and reliable service with maximum landscape clearing cost efficiency.

East Coast Mulching is well equipped with the most cutting-edge block forestry mulching machinery (eg. wood chipper, new chipper shredder, skid steers) that can shred a few trees and other unwanted vegetation on the spot, eliminating the need to have logs and brush removed from the property or burned on site.

Our equipment is fully insured and able to provide target tree removal. If there are particularly protected trees or shrubs you would like to be preserved. We can work around them and clear only what you want to be removed.

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Noxious weed maintenance

Specialists Brisbane land clearing experts of weeds

We can help you quickly clean up large areas of noxious weeds while preserving native vegetation. Both commercial projects and residential locations benefit from our forestry mulcher.

When land clearing our specialised mulching blades effortlessly cut and slice harmful noxious plants. Our land clearing mulchers can remove noxious plants from a wide range of terrain and soil types along with dirt removal. They are great for use on acreage, parks, golf courses, and other areas where vegetation management is required. All of our forestry mulchers have the ability to work on hills, valleys, and slopes.

Efficient sustainable land clearing services

Brisbane's emergency fire mitigation and land clearing contractors

The Brisbane region has been prone to unnatural disasters. After a storm, or other extreme weather events, fallen trees, tree branches, and other debris can create significant safety hazards. Our emergency land clearing project and tree clearing services can clear away any potential hazards and ensure your family and property’s safety.

You may have dangerous trees or weeds overhanging blocks, land, or commercial businesses that need removal before any damage is caused. These jobs are particularly delicate, and our professional site clearing contractors will ensure we remove trees safely.

land clearing brisbane mitigation stop fires

Our Promise to you

Aim to please every time with with real value

East Coast Mulching is a local business passionate about tree care services. Working with customers to make sure their property works for their needs is why we’re here. We promise you that our services will always provide you with the following:

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Environmentally friendly tree removal service

Top Quality and Complete Tree and Land Clearing Near Me

Tree removal through forestry mulching provides a number of benefits, not least of which is the preservation of your precious land, and this process usually requires local council approval. Mulching through land clearing will not only remove unsightly vegetation, the matter from shrubs and branches will be redistributed evenly over the ground, giving it an added layer of nutrition as it decays, which will help to sustain new growth.

Tree and tree stump removal through mulching will help to maintain the integrity of your soil. Tree roots play an important part in holding topsoil together, preventing soil erosion. Our stump grinders leaves root systems intact, thereby ensuring your soil doesn’t get washed or blown away during storms.

Cost efficiency

Sustainable cost effective clearing of the land

We can minimise the costs to clear land for you by eliminating the need for multiple machines associated with clearing and hauling to remove vegetation. We provide tree clearing solutions with fewer machines and the workforce required.

Also, by clearing land in a way that maintains its fertility and usability, your land will benefit from an increase in its value.


Our fully qualified team is ready to provide professional tree and land clearing operations with the best customer satisfaction in the tree industry. If you’re Sunshine Coast based and on the market for local tree services from a certified tree removal specialist, get in touch.


Waste facilities and landfill sites

Rubbish dump and tip for land clearing

Brisbane rubbish removal services of waste facilities not only provide a place to dispose of green waste but also offer mulch of different qualities for sale, depending on your land clearing needs.

Brisbane has four resource recovery centres waste management and recycling capacities. They are located at:

Brisbane City Council

The city council operates two Treasure Troves, which are second hand stores that provide access to recycled goods that have been rescued from ending up in the landfill. They are located at Geebung and Acacia Ridge.

Brisbane’s landfill site, located at Rochedale, is well engineered to store waste in an environmentally friendly way. Clay cells lined with high density plastic hold the waste, and are covered in soil and topped with vegetation once full.

The site also harnesses the methane produced by the waste to generate about 46,000 megawatt hours of energy, which can power approximately 8500 homes across the city.

The Towards Zero Waste Centre provides educational resources such as tours of the landfill site to inform people of how it works, and workshops to help participants develop ways to reduce household waste, and improve their recycling habits.

Brisbane Region

Client focused and reliable land clearing service
Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, and is located in the south-east corner of the state. Its population stands at about 2.8 million people, making it the most populous city in Queensland, and the third most populous in Australia, behind only Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane is named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825.

Brisbane Queensland Council Areas

The City of Brisbane contains 190 suburbs that cover an area of 1342 square kilometres, extending on both sides of the Brisbane River. The incumbent Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Adrian Shrinner, has held the office since 2019.

These are a few of the suburbs in the Brisbane region that we provide land clearing services to: