Forestry Mulching Services and Vegetation Management

Land clearing is a necessary process that provides many benefits to your property. Land clearing brings essential improvements by increasing land value, creating fire breaks, eliminating noxious weeds, and more.

We take pride in providing our clients with the best possible service. Your land will be respected while we work to help you get the most out of your investment.

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Traditional land clearing methods vs forestry mulching

Traditional land clearing can create more problems than they solve at a higher cost. Let’s say you’re undertaking a clearing and grubbing operation. You’ll likely need excavators, skid steer, bulldozers, hauling equipment, dump trucks and more to complete the job. Does that sound like too much to handle? We haven’t mentioned the environmental impact.

Such equipment will take a toll on your land. So much heavy machinery will reduce delicate ground to mush, and the process of uprooting stumps will tear up fertile topsoil. And what will you do with the wood waste? You can haul it off-site or burn it, but at what cost, financially and environmentally?

Forestry mulching provide the perfect balance of environmental protection and cost-efficiency while removing unwanted vegetation effectively, even under challenging conditions.

East Coast Mulching brings state-of-the-art machinery, experiences, and deep knowledge and respect for the local landscape to provide clients with expert land management services. Here’s what East Coast Mulching can do for you.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Forestry Mulching Service

We are confident we can deliver unrivalled forestry mulching services for your project. Here’s why:

Why are our machines top-tier equipment?
Our forestry mulching machine is unmatched in its versatility. It can easily travel over rugged terrain like mud as a compact track loader. We can also navigate steep slopes and other tricky topographical features better than other, more cumbersome machines. Tracked mulching machines are more forgiving on delicate ground and won’t churn precious soil.

Since our equipment is compact, we can provide highly targeted land clearing. You may have particular large trees or other vegetation you want to preserve or remove. We can meet your specific needs without causing any collateral damage.

Unlike other methods that employ multiple machines, we can complete the job with one piece of equipment. This advantage allows us to reduce the exceptionally high costs associated with fuel and human resources.

Our machine’s versatility across various conditions allows us to work quickly, reducing your costs even further.

Forestry mulching works with the environment, not against it. We shred vegetation on the spot and evenly spread a layer of mulch on the ground. This mulch layer returns essential nutrients to the earth as it decomposes, which maintains soil productivity. Mulch also creates an erosion barrier by shielding the soil from rain and wind.

Root systems keep soil structure intact. By shredding stumps instead of pulling them out of the ground, roots remain in place and further reduce soil erosion.

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Forestry harvesting cleanup

For forestry operators, the mulching process provides readily apparent benefits. After a timber harvest, significant amounts of debris remain for clearing. The usual practice, in and out of Australia, is to get rid of this debris through extensive pile burns. Pile burns are concerning for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, pile burns create a bushfire risk, as any fire does if controlled improperly. Secondly, evidence points to land scarring that destroys soil fertility. In some cases, this scarring can last for decades. Forestry mulching eliminates both issues. Reducing the need to use fire is inherently safer, and mulching has built-in environmental benefits that promote future growth.

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Benefits of correct Site cleanup

Storm cleanup

Severe storms create hazards like fallen trees and tangled branches, and underbrush. Forestry mulching machines make short work of tricky situations like this and get your property back to a state your family can enjoy safely.

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Invasive insects

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Insects such as pine beetles can wreak havoc on forested areas. These beetles create rotten trees forming biosecurity risks and falling hazards, then pass to neighboring healthy trees. A forestry mulcher can clear these unwanted trees and prevent these harmful pests from spreading.

Weed management

Under the Federal Government’s general biosecurity obligations, property owners are responsible for invasive species control and preventing their spread. Invasive plants and insects impede native vegetation and threaten arable land.

Invasive plants

Weeds often overwhelm native vegetation by choking them out of an area and monopolising water and nutrient sources. By shredding weeds, forestry mulching allows native flora to gain environmental traction and effectively outcompete them. Not only do forestry mulchers remove weeds, but they also prevent them from regaining a foothold.

Fence and power line clearing

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Land clearing along your fenceline is vital to maintain your fence’s integrity. This maintenance will help keep animals in or out of your property and improve access to your land. A clear fenceline is also a critical fire break for your property.

Private landowners are responsible for damage to power lines from trees on their property. Damaged power lines are expensive to fix and create dangerous situations for anyone in the area. Forestry mulching can remove overhanging trees to prevent damage to public infrastructure, saving unnecessary costs and safety concerns.

Fire mitigation

Forestry mulching is becoming widely accepted as one of the best methods for fire mitigation available. This acceptance is due to its effectiveness in reducing fuel loads without impacting the ecosystems we are trying to protect.

Forestry mulching significantly improves fire mitigation practices. Dead vegetation and other detritus are a fire hazard. Engaging in proactive mulching by creating fire breaks and removing small leafy plants and other dense undergrowth minimises fire risk and the potential for smoke pollution. Spreading mulch also helps retain soil moisture which naturally reduces fire risks.

While active fires can devastate forests, reactive mulching can quickly establish barriers that control their spread.

Commercial and residential land clearing projects

We offer our services in commercial and residential spaces and guarantee the quality of our work. Whether you are clearing land to build your dream home or are planning a commercial development project, we can help you realise your goals.

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South East QLD Forestry mulching

Forestry mulching is a core part of many local councils’ land management efforts. East Coast Mulching has worked with local councils to improve land development opportunities for South East Queensland communities, and we will continue to offer our services to benefit local residents.




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