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The Sunshine Coast region is a fantastic place to live, and East Coast Mulching is here to service clients all over the Coast. It doesn’t matter if you live in the peaceful seclusion of the countryside of Montville, Maleny, Glasshouse Mountains or Bli Bli suburbs, or the coastline stretching from Caloundra to Noosa.

It’s the Australian dream to have a piece of land to call your own. While owning land is something to be proud of, maintaining land comes with its fair share of headaches. However, with some care and the help of our leading professional approach to vegetation management, you can create the perfect property for your house or business.

Local vegetation management restrictions

Understanding the Planning Act 2016 is important

Clearing vegetation falls under ‘operational work’ in the Planning Act 2016 and is governed locally by the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014. This regulation requires a permit to clear protected trees and vegetation. The Planning Scheme’s vegetation management code defines what vegetation is restricted.

The Sunshine Coast Council reports over 1,600 flora and fauna in our region. Its diversity is essential because they provide sheltering, feeding, breeding and resting resources for native fauna.

If you aren’t sure if there is protected vegetation on your property, you can request a site report for clarification. If such vegetation is present, you must request a permit and wait for the local council’s approval before:


You can apply for a permit from the council by filling out and submitting the DA form 1 from the State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.

$ 0
Area less than 50m2
$ 0
Area greater than 50m2
koala habitat

Koala habitats

Understanding the Planning Act 2016 is important

Protections apply to koala habitat areas in the South East Queensland Regional Plan area. You can request a free vegetation management report to determine if your property is part of an affected area.

Suppose you are in a declared koala habitat area. Land clearing projects may be exempt. Exemptions include:

Some projects may not be exempt. Then, you’ll likely need a local council approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. You can view the step-by-step application guide on the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water’s website.

Clearing the land

Advance forestry mulching works

As fully licensed local land care specialists, we have extensive knowledge of the region. Our tree removal and land clearing Sunshine Coast services provide our customers with quality work that delivers a quick and reliable service with maximum cost efficiency.

East Coast Mulching has the most cutting-edge forestry mulching machine that can shred trees and other unwanted vegetation on the spot. This equipment eliminates the need to have logs and brush removed from the property or burned on-site.

Our equipment is fully insured and able to provide targeted tree removal. If there are particular trees or shrubs that you would like preserved, we can work around them and only clear the vegetation you want to be removed.


Our fully qualified team is ready to provide professional tree and land clearing operations with the best customer satisfaction in the tree industry. If you’re Sunshine Coast based and on the market for local tree services from a certified tree removal specialist, get in touch.

weed maintenance land clearing sunshine coast property

Noxious weed maintenance

Land clearing contractors experts of weeds

Weed management has been a crucial consideration in Australia’s approach to environmental concerns. The Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan 2017 sets out how to manage invasive plants and animals in the local area. The plan identifies dozens of weeds as a priority and the management responses across each local government area catchment. 

All landowners have a general biosecurity obligation to take reasonable steps to manage invasive species on their land. Both commercial and residential locations benefit from our services. We can help you clean up any areas of noxious weeds while preserving native vegetation if you find any restricted weeds on your property.

When land clearing, our specialised mulching blades effortlessly handle harmful noxious plants. Our land clearing Sunshine Coast mulchers can remove toxic plants from a wide range of terrain and soil types, shredding them so they won’t reemerge. Our machinery is excellent for acreage, parks, golf courses, and other areas with native vegetation. All of our mulchers can work on hills, valleys, and slopes.

Efficient sustainable land clearing services

Emergency tree clearing and fire mitigation

The Sunshine Coast region is prone to natural disasters. If you live on the Coast, it’s only a matter of time before a flood wreaks havoc on your property. After a storm, or other extreme weather events, fallen trees, branches, and other debris can create safety hazards. Our emergency tree removal services can clear potential risks and ensure your family and property is safe.

A problem tree can also pose a serious safety risk if it grows near powerlines, a house, or other structures. Tree pruning may not be enough. You should slate them for removal before they cause any damage. The forestry mulching’s targeted clearing means that our professional team can remove obstructive trees safely. These jobs are very delicate. We use precise clearing techniques to complete the job without causing damage.

land clearing brisbane mitigation stop fires

Forestry mulching vs the alternatives

There are several ways to clear land. Aside from forestry mulching, prescribed burning and clearing and grubbing are two of the most common. But how do they stack up?

Environmental impact

Sustainable clearing is critical

Clearing and grubbing is particularly questionable, as it focuses on removing trees and tree stumps from their roots. Clearing this way causes massive disturbances to the soil that lead to environmental issues like erosion. Using multiple vehicles to clear the land and haul away the debris will also cause a lot of wear and tear to your property. This damage will need fixing afterwards.

Fires are a natural part of many ecosystems. They are essential in cleaning up any dead matter to make way for new life and suppressing the spread of invasive plants and insects. Fires can also increase soil fertility by releasing nutrients from burnt material. Prescribed burns attempt to replicate the ecological benefits of fire under controlled conditions.

However, prescribed fires always risk you, your property, and local communities no matter how many precautions you take. Also, fires may lead to erosion as ground cover burns away. Working around trees and vegetation you want to preserve is also more difficult.

Land clearing contractors near me prices

Value for money every time

Clearing and grubbing can come with high land clearing costs considering the machinery and human resources required. These costs depend on the size of the property. You’ll potentially be hiring bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks and more. Also, after clearing the land, You must backfill the holes left by the uprooted trees with material suited to match your soil structure.

One significant expense in prescribed burning is the extensive time required to plan the job. Many variables affect your ability to burn, which, for the most part, are out of your control, including:

On a more extensive site, the cost of equipment and fuel can be prohibitive. Not to mention the work required to prepare safety measures like firebreaks.

With all this in mind, let’s look at the cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability of forestry mulching services below.


Our Promise to you

We wont walk away until you're happy

East Coast Mulching is a local business passionate about tree care services. Working with customers to make sure their property works for their needs is why we’re here. We promise you that our services will always provide you with the following:

Environmentally friendly tree clearing

Top quality land clearing Sunshine Coast

Tree removal through forestry mulching provides several benefits, like preserving your precious land. Block clearing through mulching removes unsightly vegetation and redistributes the matter from shrubs and branches evenly over the ground. This mulch gives the land an added layer of nutrition as it decays, which will help to sustain new growth.

Reducing fire risks

Bushfires thrive in hot and dry conditions with abundant dead underbrush available. Mulching this excess undergrowth eliminates it as a fuel source while turning it into a form that can decay quickly.

Adding a layer of mulch to the ground also keeps the land out of direct sunlight. This cover maintains the moisture in the soil, decreasing the chance of any flames taking hold.

Preventing soil erosion

Tree and tree stump removal through mulching will help maintain your soil’s integrity. Tree roots are essential in holding topsoil together, preventing soil erosion. Erosion can significantly impact the value and usability of your land. Dirt can get washed into waterways, increasing the incidence of flooding and the ground becoming barren and infertile.

Using stump grinding keeps root systems intact, ensuring your soil doesn’t get washed or blown away during storms.

Light mobile solution

Our mulcher is a compact track loader, making it very versatile across many types of terrain. Tracks distribute the downward pressure of the vehicle’s weight over a greater surface area. This wider surface area means they sit lighter on the ground than wheels.

This reduced pressure gives us greater mobility over tricky terrain like mud without churning the ground. We can get the job done quickly and efficiently regardless of the conditions.

Cost efficiency

Sustainable cost effective clearing of the land

We can minimise your costs by eliminating the need for multiple machines for vegetation clearing and removing. We provide tree clearing solutions with fewer machines and a smaller workforce required.

The Sunshine Coast is a very high-growth location with one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia. As a result, real estate is already precious. Clearing land without sacrificing its fertility and usability will increase its value further. You can save a prospective buyer a lot of money and hassle by preparing the property for future development. Investing in your land will pay off in the long run.

Find out what our land clearing Sunshine Coast services can do for you. With our fantastic team’s assistance, we’ll have your special project underway. Contact us today for a free quote.


Waste facilities and landfill sites

Rubbish dump and tip for land clearing

Waste facilities provide a place to dispose of waste and offer mulch of different qualities for sale, depending on your needs.

The Sunshine Coast has eight waste facilities, but none have public weighbridges. Resource recovery centres are in the following locations:

Other landfill sites

Recycling and second-hand markets operate at Buderim, Caloundra, Beerwah, and Witta. Transfer stations are situated in Kenilworth, Mapleton, and Yandina. There are also landfill sites located at the Nambour and Caloundra facilities. 

Coarse mulch is freely available to any Sunshine Coast residential or commercial customer at all waste facilities. The Buderim and Caloundra facilities offer fine mulch for a price, as well as crushed concrete. These mulch and concrete commodities are derived from the incoming garden, concrete, and masonry waste. These are crushed and ground to create recycled products to minimise waste in landfill. 

Sunshine Coast Region

Value-focused land clearing Sunshine Coast services

The Sunshine Coast is located just south of Noosa and is known for its great weather and surf. Its name was officially recognised in November 1966, replacing the previous title, Near North Coast.

The Sunshine Coast has the fastest-growing population of any regional centre in Australia, with a population of about 350,000. Projections show the Sunshine Coast will reach 500,000 people in the next 20 years.

Council Areas Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast regional council presides over an area of about 1633 square kilometres, stretching from Beerburrum in the south to Peregian Beach in the north and extending west to Reesville and Curramore.

These are a few of the suburbs on the Sunshine Coast where we provide land-clearing services: