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East Coast Mulching

The East Coast’s advantage lies in our superior clearing practices and knowledge of the bush in eastern Australia. Being country people at heart, we understand the importance of sustainable land management practices to get the best possible outcome for you and the environment.

From land clearing and slashing to tree services to complete land rehabilitation from start to finish, we offer a full range of services to take care of all clearing needs for your home or business.

Because all of our equipment is insured and we have full comprehensive public liability insurance for all of our projects and services, you can be sure the value we offer is second to none.

We also offer professional job for all aspects of earthmoving, machinery, dry hire, and transport upon request. 

We service the South East, Wide Bay, and Darling Down regions from our base on the Sunshine Coast.


Sustainable Land

Old native trees aren’t harmed when you cut down trees on your land because you choose which unwanted trees to cut down.

Improve Soil Quality

On-site forestry mulching services promote regeneration and improve soil quality as mulched vegetation becomes nutrients for the soil.

Prevent Erosion

Leave mulch on the ground where you’ve cleared land to keep it from eroding and safe for generations to come.​

Increase Land Value

Our land clearing practices have increased the property value of our clients’ land time and time again.

Providing comprehensive land clearing, tree removal, and forestry mulching services to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gympie, Ipswich, Gold Coast and South East Qld regions.

Our Expertise

East Coast Mulching Services

East Coast Mulching, a leader in sustainable land management in Australia, specialises in environmentally conscious land clearing and forestry mulching. With expert knowledge of the Australian bush and the use of specialist equipment, they ensure the protection of native flora while enhancing soil quality and controlling erosion. Their commitment to preserving the land’s natural beauty while providing efficient and targeted land-clearing services sets them apart as true land management specialists.

Land Clearing

We can clear large areas of vegetation efficiently, ensuring no stumps are left in the ground or piles of debris that need to be burnt. We also offer tree-specific clearing, removing single trees while protecting the surrounding vegetation to maintain your land.

Weed Maintenance

If you’re looking to tidy up those noxious weeds quickly while preserving native vegetation, we can help! Using the SS Eco Mulcher, we can clear weeds while avoiding larger native plants.

Fire Mitigation

Let us mitigate the fire risks on your property by safely clearing and mulching vegetation before it has the potential to become a fire hazard.

Storm & Flood Cleanup

From floods to cyclones, we are here to assist you with the cleanup from any extreme weather event. We can remove fallen trees, broken branches and all hazardous debris from storms or floods.

Fence and Power Line Clearing

Trees that are growing too close to powerlines can pose a safety risk. We can clear trees surrounding power or fence lines to comply with all government regulations.

Forestry Harvest Clean-up

Burning remaining debris after a recent timber harvest has the potential to become a fire hazard. Let us remove the risk from your next forestry harvest by mulching debris, removing fire hazards and enriching the soil for new seedlings.

Contract Work

We additionally work with local councils to assist with land regenerations and corrective clearing. This extends to sustainable vegetation clearing for new developments or land improvement projects.

Residential and Commercial Properties

We offer mulching services for both residential and commercial properties. All your land management needs, from lifestyle blocks to large-scale commercial developments, are covered.


Best Practice Land Clearing

This may be your first time reading about forestry mulching, and you might be in search of the right method to improve your property’s value without damaging the environment. You want a tree clearing method that’s cost-efficient but also effective from every angle.

Whether you’re clearing land for a residential, agricultural or commercial project, East Coast Mulching will meet your needs at affordable prices.

We efficiently remove stumps and clear unwanted vegetation using stump removal. We also remove debris without needing burn piles. Furthermore, we offer tree-specific clearing. We can remove one tree at a time while protecting the rest of your native vegetation.

Forestry mulching is about sustainability. East Coast Mulching provides quality service, ensuring your property meets your needs while protecting the environment.

Superior land clearing technology

Compact, precise, and lightning-fast, our SS Eco Mulcher and mulching attachments clear dense growth easily. This machine’s precision provides several benefits.

Targeted clearing

When building a home, you want a well-manicured property with space to enjoy. The property should retain the land’s natural beauty. You may have a tree you want to preserve. Our equipment mulches around the area to help that tree flourish. We can also target specific trees for removal without flattening vegetation in the immediate area. This ability helps eliminate trees that endanger your house or family. Trees growing near powerlines are also a significant threat. Forestry mulching can remove those trees safely.

Quick and versatile

With forestry mulchers, there’s no need to worry about removing vegetation. Other methods knock down and uproot trees, then haul them offsite. Debris is burnt on the property, creating further hazards. The forestry mulching process deals with vegetation on the spot. Shred vegetation is spread over the earth. The mulch improves soil quality and prevents erosion. The SS Eco Forestry Mulcher clears quickly and efficiently, leaving only a layer of mulch. Our machinery can work in small areas, steep slopes, and rough ground.

Compact track loaders vs skid steers

As a compact track loader, our specialised equipment has certain advantages over skid steer loaders when clearing. While skid steer mulchers are more useful on hard surfaces at a construction site, track loaders are better on softer surfaces.

Land clearance involves many different terrain types. You will often contend with adverse conditions. Track loaders have the advantage because they make more contact with the ground. A larger contact area gives you excellent stability. Therefore, track loaders can easily manage slippery surfaces and loose shifting soil. This stability is a significant advantage, allowing us to work effectively across many terrains.

tree_removals_machine_gympie used by land clearing specialists

Added soil benefits from mulching

If you have been mulching your land for years, you probably don’t realise the benefits it’s provided. Mulching prevents weed growth, but mulch also controls erosion and improves soil quality. Here are some mulching benefits.

Erosion Control

Erosion is often caused by wind and rain. Mulch stops soil from washing into waterways. The mulch layer sits over the earth and shields it from wind and rain. This contrasts traditional clearing methods that uproot stumps and churn the soil.

Root systems also prevent soil erosion. Roots hold topsoil together, maintaining its stability. Traditional land clearing methods uproot stumps. Uprooting churns the earth and damages the land. Forestry mulching shreds the stumps and leaves the roots intact. This way, the cleared land remains stable.

Weed Control

Weed infestations are a significant concern across Australia. Noxious weeds impact threatened species of native vegetation and fauna. Rapidly growing vegetation can be challenging to handle. Vegetation management efforts focus on weed elimination or suppressing their spread.

Forestry mulching is beneficial in weed management as shredding noxious weeds frees space for native forests to thrive. The mulch layer helps prevent regrowth as native species can outcompete them.

Better Soil Health

Forestry mulching is the most sustainable land clearing method. We work with the environment rather than against it like other methods. You don’t need to attack vegetation when you can promote the growth you want and suppress what you want to remove. Mulching improves soil health by adding organic matter, which builds soil fertility. Also, mulching helps keep the soil warm in cold climates, which prevents frost heaves that can be very bad.

Fire mitigation

Fire mitigation is a critical part of land management. Methods like prescribed burning come with safety concerns. It’s always possible a controlled fire will break its barriers and threaten local communities. The smoke generated also poses a health risk.

Forestry mulching can create fire breaks without endangering surrounding infrastructure. Mulching also avoids the need to create smoke pollution. Laying down mulch regulates soil temperature and retains the earth’s moisture which helps mitigate fire risks.

Increased Land Values

Effective property management improves land value considerably. Research shows that sensible tree clearing practices are vital, particularly in agricultural and residential zones.

increase land value

Forestry mulching vs other methods

There are different ways to clear land. Two popular ways are clearing and grubbing and prescribed burning. How do they stack up against forestry mulching?

Clearing and grubbing

Clearing and grubbing involve cutting down big and small trees and then uprooting the stumps. The cleared vegetation is hauled off the property or burned on location. This method creates many environmental concerns that forestry mulching helps to avoid.

Uprooting trees causes erosion. This damage is unnecessary, as mulching can remove vegetation while leaving roots in place. Forestry mulching also only needs one machine, saving you money.

Prescribed burning

Prescribed burning is suitable for eliminating underbrush and creating fire breaks. However, prescribed burning can quickly get out of control without strict oversight and extensive planning.

Forestry mulching is a simpler and safer method for creating fire breaks quickly and efficiently. Land clearance through mulching can clear underbrush, and the mulch can hold moisture in the soil, reducing fire hazards.

Land Clearing that adds Value

Our land clearing service is designed to be environmentally conscious. People often clear indiscriminately, causing irreparable damage to the natural environment.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to clear only the desired vegetation while protecting the native bushland on your property for the future. We always try to clear with a conscience.

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Explore East Coast Mulching’s gallery to see the impressive results of our specialised land management and mulching services. Each image captures the essence of our commitment to environmental sustainability and the expert handling of diverse Australian landscapes.

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What’s Our Client Say About East Coast Mulching

Peter “Brushy” Hackett

Very very happy. Prompt and very good service. Very friendly how the operator did worked. Highly recommend east coast mulching. My place seems so much bigger and cleaner now. The Mrs is happy as $#!+ that her horse has more room to run around in. Thanks guys...

Nathan Belling

Michael and Jason are true professionals. Showed up on time. Set expectations and then exceeded them. Using East Coast Mulching has reclaimed about 7 acres of land, reduced our bush fire risk on the property and increased the value of the property by several hundreds of thousands of dollars

David Johnston

Mick did a great job today completed more then what we hoped he could achieve in a day and added value to our property. A great bloke to boot thanks for your help highly recommend them to anyone looking to reclaim their land and boost property value.

Cindy Ash

Michael from East Coast Mulching was great to deal with. He got back to us quickly and as the mulcher was working in our area, he arranged for it to come to our place before it went to the next area. We had wattle and pine trees that we wanted cleared so that the land was usable and they did an awesome job. Very happy with how it has come up.

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