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Wide Bay Burnett Land Clearing

Most Preferred Tree Services in, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, and Wide Bay Region

As you know already, the Wide Bay region is a gorgeous place to live. Whether you live in the peaceful seclusion of the countryside, or on the scenic coast, with its many picturesque coastal towns. With a little care, and the help of our leading vegetation management, you can create the perfect property for your house or business.

Land Clearing Tree Removal Services

Advance tree works

As fully licensed local land care specialists, we have an extensive knowledge of the region. Our tree removal and land clear services are perfectly aligned to provide our customers with quality workmanship that delivers a quick and reliable service with maximum cost efficiency.

Our team is well equipped with the most cutting edge block forestry mulching machinery that is able to shred trees and other unwanted vegetation on the spot, eliminating the need to have logs and brush removed from the property or burned on site.

Our equipment is fully insured and able to provide target tree removal. If there are particular trees or shrubs that you would like to be preserved, we can work around them and clear only what you want removed.

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Weed maintenance services

Specialists weed land clearing experts

We can help you clean up large areas of noxious weeds quickly while also preserving native vegetation. Both commercial and residential locations benefit from our forestry mulchers.

When land clearing our specialised mulching blades effortlessly cut and slice harmful noxious plants. Our land clearing mulchers can remove noxious plants from a wide range of terrain and soil types. They are great for use on acreage, parks, golf courses, and other areas where native vegetation is required. All of our mulchers have the ability to work on hills, valleys, and slopes.

Efficient land clearing services

Emergency tree clearing and fire mitigation

After a storm, or other extreme weather event, fallen trees, branches and other debris can create significant safety hazards. Our emergency land clearing tree services can clear away any potential hazards and ensure your family and property’s safety.

You may also have dangerous trees overhanging a powerline, or your house, or business that needs removal before any damage is caused. These jobs are particularly delicate, and our professional team will make sure that the trees are removed safely.

land clearing brisbane mitigation stop fires

Our Promise to you

We wont walk away until you're happy

East Coast Mulching is a local business passionate about tree care services. Working with customers to make sure their property works for their needs is why we’re here. We promise you that our services will always provide you with the following:

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Environmentally friendly tree removal service

Tree removal through forestry mulching provides a number of benefits, not least of which is the preservation of your precious land. Mulching through land clearing will not only remove unsightly vegetation, the matter from shrubs and branches will be redistributed evenly over the ground, giving it an added layer of nutrition as it decays, which will help to sustain new growth.

Tree and tree stump removal through mulching will help to maintain the integrity of your soil. Tree roots play an important part in holding topsoil together, preventing soil erosion. Stump grinding leaves root systems intact, thereby ensuring your soil doesn’t get washed or blown away during storms.

Cost efficiency

Sustainable cost effective clearing of the land

We are able to minimise the cost to you by eliminating the need for multiple machines associated with clearing and hauling to remove vegetation. We provide tree clearing solutions with fewer machines and manpower required.

Also, by clearing land in a way that maintains its fertility and usability, your land will benefit from an increase to its value.


Waste facilities and landfill sites

Rubbish dump and tip for tree removals

Waste facilities not only provide a place to dispose of waste, but also offer mulch of different qualities for sale, depending on your needs.

The Hervey Bay area is serviced by a waste facility located in Nikenbah, with transfer stations at Toogoom, Howard and Burrum Heads. There is also a Reuse Market Centre named Reuse and Recycle in Hervey Bay. Reuse and Recycle is a not-for-profit organisation that operates a recycling recovery operation that refurbishes or repurposes recycled items for sale. 

Maryborough is also home to a waste facility and a Reuse and Recycle outlet. There are also landfills at Granville and Tinana, with transfer stations in Yengarie, Boonooroo, and Bauple. 


In the Bundaberg council area, waste facilities are located at:

Transfer stations can be found at:

Weighbridge amenities are available at the Bundaberg and Qunaba waste facility. 
The Gympie region has a rubbish tip facility in the north of the town of Gympie, with transfer stations at:
There are also Cleanaway outlets providing waste collection, paper recycling and rental services for skip bins and roll-on roll-off bins. They are present in Gympie, Goomeri, Gunalda and Rainbow Beach.

The North Burnett region operates a single rubbish tip management facility at Mundubbera. Transfer stations are located at:

There are a number of rubbish tip management facilities and transfer stations in the South Burnett region, located at:

South Burnett transfer stations are in:
The South Burnett regional council operates a recycle shop at the Nanango waste management facility, and through a partnership with Recycle links, also has a recycle shop in the Kingaroy facility.

Aboriginal Shire of Cherbourg

The Aboriginal Shire of Cherbourg contains the Cherbourg Materials Recovery Facility (MeRF), which supports Cherbourg, the North and South Burnett, Gympie and the Fraser Coast. Containers for Change, an organisation that offers refunds for recycled bottles, is connected to MeRF and has collection points at Kingaroy, Kilkivan and Nanango. 

MeRF is equipped with innovative AI technology that sorts and counts rubbish items in realtime, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient dump management process. 

Aboriginal Shire of Cherbourg

Wide Bay Burnett Region

Value-focused land clearing Sunshine Coast services

The Wide Bay-Burnett region is located on the eastern coast of Queensland, and has a population of approximately 305,000 people. It was named partly by James Cook on 18 May 1770, as he noted on his expedition up the eastern coast of Australia that the coast formed a large open bay. It is also named for James Charles Burnett, a surveyor who explored what is now called the Burnett River. 

Wide Bay Burnett Council districts

The Wide Bay-Burnett area encompasses six different local councils:

The Shire of Noosa is sometimes associated with the region by tourism operators, but is not included as part of the area for governmental purposes.