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Land Clearing done right!

We are land clearing specialists, local business, and country people at heart, with a passion for transforming the land to suit your needs without sacrificing the welfare of the environment. Whether you are a homeowner looking to create your dream property, a commercial developer or a local government with an ambitious project, we can help you bring your vision to life. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we service the South East Queensland, Wide Bay and Darling Down regions.


Our promise to you

We’re a local business and, as such, have a strong connection to the region. We strive to offer nothing but the most effective services. We will work with the single minded goal of achieving your land clearing requirements, all while protecting the land from unnecessary harm, while at the same time improving the value of your land.

If you need your land cleared in an environmentally considerate, and cost effective manner, contact us today for a free quote, and see where we can add value for you.

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Why We're Your Mulching Solution

What is Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a fundamentally different approach to land clearing than traditional ways. Our method turns existing vegetation into mulch that can form the basis for new growth or prepare the land for redevelopment. Our forestry mulcher shreds vegetation and stumps on the spot, removing the need for logs and other debris to be hauled away or burned on-site.

At East Coast Mulching, we understand what you need from a land-clearing service:

So, how do we provide the perfect solution for your land-clearing needs?

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Effective and efficient land clearing

Our forestry mulching machines are top-of-the-range that can single-handedly provide your land-clearing needs, eliminating the need for a multitude of other intrusive land clearing machinery. There’s no need for bulldozers, excavators, hauling equipment, and other heavy machinery that only serve to scar your land and damage the environment.

Don’t open your property up to unnecessary traffic when we can provide an all-in-one solution that does the job quickly and effectively.

Cost efficient service

Forestry mulching ultimately provides the most affordable form of land clearing for a few reasons. By eliminating the need for multiple machines, there is less fuel needed to operate, and less manpower required to get the job done.

Land clearing jobs can also be completed faster, as trees and other vegetation are shredded on the spot, removing the need to haul away logs and organise controlled burns, which leads to a safer and healthier process overall.


Environmentally sustainable practices

The environmental impact of land clearing, if done inappropriately, can be a significant cause for concern. Traditional methods of land clearing removes trees by their roots, and scrapes vegetation off of the land. As a result, the land can become susceptible to soil erosion by wind and rain, which leads to infertility and an increased risk of flooding.

Our service can bypass all of these worries. By mulching the vegetation, rather than uprooting it and hauling it away, we can ensure that the ground remains protected and fed with much needed nutrients as the mulch decays. Your land will remain fertile and resistant to weather events.

With no need for burning, we can avoid the risk of uncontrolled fires, and potential harm to wildlife and nearby communities from intrusive and polluting smoke.

Our Expertise

East Coast Mulching Services

East Coast Mulching, a leader in sustainable land management in Australia, specialises in environmentally conscious land clearing and forestry mulching. With expert knowledge of the Australian bush and the use of specialist equipment, they ensure the protection of native flora while enhancing soil quality and controlling erosion. Their commitment to preserving the land’s natural beauty while providing efficient and targeted land-clearing services sets them apart as true land management specialists.

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Dry Hire

Our growing fleet of compact track loaders offers incredible value to our customers and is now available for hire.

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Land Clearing

Our professional land clearing services can work with large areas of thick vegetation efficiently and at a reasonable price.


Forestry Mulching

Our growing fleet of compact track loaders offers incredible value to our customers and is now available for hire.


Tree Removing

We offer complete tree removal and stump grinding services for your property. We can include land clearing, slashing…

Transform Your Landscape with Premium Mulching Services

Our Hardwork

Check out our Work

Explore East Coast Mulching’s gallery to see the impressive results of our specialised land management and mulching services. Each image captures the essence of our commitment to environmental sustainability and the expert handling of diverse Australian landscapes.

A word from our Director Michael

Michael leads a team of passionate land clearing specialists


"My understanding of the land, together with our cutting-edge forestry mulcher machines, will ensure that your land is preserved for future generations. We won't leave until you're completely satisfied"

Client Feedback

What’s Our Client Say About East Coast Mulching

Peter “Brushy” Hackett

Very very happy. Prompt and very good service. Very friendly how the operator did worked. Highly recommend east coast mulching. My place seems so much bigger and cleaner now. The Mrs is happy as $#!+ that her horse has more room to run around in. Thanks guys...

Nathan Belling

Michael and Jason are true professionals. Showed up on time. Set expectations and then exceeded them. Using East Coast Mulching has reclaimed about 7 acres of land, reduced our bush fire risk on the property and increased the value of the property by several hundreds of thousands of dollars

David Johnston

Mick did a great job today completed more then what we hoped he could achieve in a day and added value to our property. A great bloke to boot thanks for your help highly recommend them to anyone looking to reclaim their land and boost property value.

Cindy Ash

Michael from East Coast Mulching was great to deal with. He got back to us quickly and as the mulcher was working in our area, he arranged for it to come to our place before it went to the next area. We had wattle and pine trees that we wanted cleared so that the land was usable and they did an awesome job. Very happy with how it has come up.