Land Clearing Services

Our professional land clearing services can work with large areas of thick vegetation efficiently and at a reasonable price. By using a stump grinding after tree removal, we can ensure the complete elimination of obstacles from the terrain that would otherwise need to be torn out, impacting soil health. Instead of burning logs and other debris, our cutting-edge machinery turns everything into mulch, which avoids environmental and health hazards.

We take pride in providing our clients with the best possible service. Your land will be respected while we work to help you get the most out of your investment.

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Targeted land clearing and tree removal

East Coast Mulching uses top-of-the-range forestry mulching equipment to provide targeted land clearing that can tailor the landscape to your specific needs. It may be that you would like to remove trees that are causing a particular impediment to your plans while maintaining the surrounding foliage.

Similarly, if you would like to preserve any large trees or other features, our machinery can work around them safely while having the land cleared around them. This way, we can provide effective land maintenance that doesn’t damage your property unnecessarily.

Sustainable equipment for land clearing services

Sustainable land clearing services

There are different types of compact loaders for site clearing. Typically, you’ll be looking at a skid steer or track loader. The main difference between the two is that skid steers use wheels, while track loaders are on two long tracks. They are both reliable machines with tight turning capabilities when operating in confined spaces. We operate track loaders, which have some major benefits over skid steers for our purposes.

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Skid steer vs track loader

Track loaders have superior traction because of their greater contact with the ground. As a result, they perform better on uneven terrain and in adverse conditions like snow and muddy ground. They will also not disturb the land to the same degree as a skid steer, making them gentler on sensitive soil.

This makes track loaders extremely versatile across a wide range of landscapes. We can work on a variety of terrains without sacrificing our high-quality work. This is a crucial advantage when dealing with difficult land clearing tasks.

Weed Maintenance

Weed maintenance is a serious issue in Australia. It is a threat not only to our native flora and fauna but also to our precious farmland. To deal with a noxious weeds infestation effectively, you must remove weeds to ensure that they cannot reemerge.

Given that forestry mulching can take a highly focused approach to clearing land, we have the right equipment to deliver targeted clearing of unwanted brush that preserves the environment. The resulting mulch layer will help suppress future weed growth while allowing native flora to out-compete those weeds.

There’s no reason to put up with invasive weeds when high-quality and professional land clearing is just a phone call away.

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Fire Mitigation

Clearing land isn’t just about creating an attractive location or workable terrain. It can also significantly reduce the chances of fire. It doesn’t take much to turn overgrown land into a severe fire hazard, especially over dry periods.

Mulching is an excellent solution to mitigate fire risks. When clearing land, a forestry mulcher distributes the material evenly over the ground. This allows it to decompose quickly without creating flammable windrows. Mulching also preserves the moisture in the ground by providing cover from the sun.

With our help, your land will be equipped to avoid fire risks associated with built-up vegetation and debris.

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Storm & Flood Cleanup

In the aftermath of extreme weather events like floods and cyclones, your property can be left with a great deal of damage. Fallen trees, scattered branches, and brush create a dangerous environment that can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to clean up. However, with the right machinery and knowledge, even a seemingly insurmountable task can be dealt with quickly and effectively. 

If you’ve had a large amount of rain, the ground will be softened and easily churned up. Operating heavy machinery when your property is in this state can significantly damage the land. Our compact track loader, however, is well suited to working in tricky environments like muddy terrain without causing extensive disturbance to the soil. 

We can work efficiently to handle even the most complex clearing jobs, like extreme weather clean-up. Regardless of uneven terrain or any other challenge, we will help you rehabilitate your land and allow new growth to prosper.

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Fence and Powerline Clearing

Trees that are growing too close to powerlines pose a severe safety risk. In Queensland, the law generally considers the landowner responsible for ensuring powerlines are clear of vegetation that is in immediate danger of making contact.

As this land clearing job involves immediate health and safety concerns, it is best handled by a professional land clearing contractor. At East Coast Mulching, we can safely clear land around powerlines to prevent damage to them from tree branches in the event of a storm.

We can also help if you need assistance clearing the boundary of your property. Perhaps you want to clear the room to allow access for a survey team, would like to install a fence, or need vegetation removed from an existing fence. East Coast mulching can make it a much easier task by focusing only on one piece of machinery that can work quickly and effectively.

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Forestry Harvest Cleanup

A great deal of debris, like fallen branches and small trees, always remains to be cleaned up after a forestry harvest. A standard method of removing this unwanted material is through pile burning. The excessive smoke produced by this practice creates a great deal of air pollution that can impact local fauna and the local community.

It also poses a considerable fire hazard, as there is always the distinct possibility of the fires escaping control, causing massive damage to the surrounding forest, and potentially threatening human life.

The safest and most effective debris removal method is turning it into mulch. This eliminates the need to rely on controlled burns and gives back to the environment, as mulch will deliver much-needed nutrients back to the soil to provide for new seedlings.

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Local council land clearing contractors

Our team also works with local councils to assist with land regeneration and corrective land clearing, as forestry mulching allows vegetation to be removed sustainably. Land clearing, particularly stump removal, under alternative methods often results in breaking up the soil, leading to soil erosion. Once this has happened, it becomes challenging to re-establish growth.

By turning overgrown brush, weeds and other undesirable foliage into mulch, communities can utilise the land to pursue new development projects and land improvement opportunities.

Residential and Commercial Properties

We offer mulching services for any location, including residential and commercial properties. From lifestyle blocks to large-scale commercial building developments, our team has all of your land management needs to be covered.

Carrying away vegetation can be difficult, particularly on a built-up site. Our land clearing equipment is specially designed to clear land with minimal environmental impact.





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Land Clearing and Mulching Near me

Finding the best land clearing services near you can sometimes be challenging. If you’re looking for a highly qualified, hard working, and efficient team, then look no further. East Coast Mulching services a wide area, including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Burnett regions. Call for a free quote, and learn how we can add value to your property.

Frequently asked questions:

How expensive is land clearing?

The costs associated with a land clearing project depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • The size of the property;
  • The density of the vegetation;
  • The size and number of trees to be cleared;
  • How difficult the terrain is to operate on.

At East Coast Mulching, we can keep our costs down and offer a fair price because we only need one machine to get the job done, and our experience allows us to work quickly and effectively.

Ultimately, determining the cost of a job can only be done on a case by case basis. Contact us today for a free quote.

Forestry mulching is the most environmentally sustainable method of clearing land, because the vegetation that’s cleared is given back to the soil as a source of nutrients for new growth. There’s no need to uproot trees and disturb the ground, or prescribed burning that always has the risk of getting out of control.

Compact track loaders like ours have excellent traction, and can navigate complex terrain with slopes and valleys effectively. We can also operate in adverse conditions, such as when the ground is extremely muddy, without churning up the soil and damaging already delicate land.