Compact and Posi Track Hire: Discover the right tools for your land clearing project

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Know the right equipment to clear land (Compact or Posi Track Hire)

If you want to remove some of your property, use a professional land clearing service or complete the job yourself.

Tough clearing jobs involving rugged terrain and significant vegetation may be best left to an expert. But if the project is straightforward, there’s no need to spend extra money on a professional service.

To clear land effectively, you need the right equipment. If you’ve ever tried to hire tools, you know there’s a vast range available. How do you know what you need? This is where East Coast Mulching’s compact or posi tracks loaders can help.

Key takeaways Posi Track Hire_Perfect_guide_to_know_the right_equipment

  1. Different land clearing methods require different types of machinery.
  2. Forestry mulching is a safer, cheaper alternative to clearing, grubbing, and prescribed burning.
  3. Forestry mulching is the best choice for DIY land clearing.
  4. East Coast Mulching has top-of-the-range compact tracked loaders for hire at great prices.
  5. Our Cat259D3 is designed for maximum stability and comfort.
  6. All of our machines come with GPS tracking, ensuring they are well-maintained.
  7. Our equipment is fully insured.

Land clearing equipment

The equipment you need depends on the land clearing method you’re using. Clearing and grubbing require multiple machines to uproot vegetation, haul it offsite, or burn it. You may need to operate excavators, bulldozers and more. This will increase your costs and the difficulty of the job.

Prescribed burning requires significant planning and expertise to ensure it goes to plan. Prescribed burning also has weather constraints that only make it possible at certain times of the year.

Forestry mulching avoids all the problems associated with these approaches. One machine is usually all that’s needed to complete a project. Limiting the required equipment reduces your expenses and the complexity of the task. You can complete the task quicker without having to grapple with different equipment. Forestry mulching also poses less risk to surrounding infrastructure.

We are now offering quality equipment hire.

East Coast Mulching is happy to announce that we have top-of-the-range land clearing equipment for dry hire. Our Cat 259D3 offers many advantages to property owners. If you’re looking to tackle a clearing project on your property, here’s why our machines could be the perfect hire:

Ease-of-use and comfort

The Cat 259D3 has a state-of-the-art design offering excellent mobility and comfort, whether on a property or construction site. It sports a suspended undercarriage that provides easier handling than other systems.

Unlike rigid undercarriages, suspended undercarriages dampen shocks and vibrations. This makes working on rough terrain much smoother. The four torsion axles provide superior traction regardless of the ground conditions.

As the perfect machine, the Cat 259D3 isn’t short on grip either. It has four torsion axles that ensure it stays put, no matter how dodgy the dirt under it. The Cat 259D3 is built to deliver and boost your efficiency on site, with no dramas.

GPS tracking

Our machines all come with GPS tracking. GPS tracking is a critical safety measure. By tracking a machine’s movement and use, we can keep it in excellent operational order. Tracking reports provide information that helps us determine necessary maintenance.

Competitive prices

When one can do the job, dealing with multiple machines is unnecessary. We offer very competitive prices to anyone looking to hire equipment.

We’ve got you covered

Our machines are fully insured and ready to handle whatever application you need to clear your property. We can help organise pick up and drop off at your convenience.

We’re here to help

There’s an extensive range of land clearing projects. The equipment you’ll need depends on your approach. If you’re going the DIY route, consider your capacity for handling the necessary machinery.

Challenging terrain and dense vegetation are different from our Cat D259D3. Forestry mulching is the preferred method as it comes with a lower barrier to entry, especially with our equipment. Excellent stability and traction allow you to hit the ground running safely and comfortably.

With GPS tracking, you can know that our machines are kept in peak condition. Tracking data ensures our maintenance routines are up-to-date.

Call our helpful staff for a quote on dry hiring our compact track loaders for your next project. We can take the difficulty out of equipment hire with great equipment and excellent service. Or if you want a professional service, we can complete the job for you.

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