The Visual Impact of Professional Land Clearing Services For Our Clients (Before and After)

The Visual Impact of Professional Land Clearing Services For Our Clients (Before and After)

Our Professional Land Clearing Service: Before and After

This article showcases the transformative power of forestry mulching on Australian properties. Our professional land clearing services have dramatically enhanced land safety, aesthetics, and utility, significantly boosting our clients’ enjoyment of outdoor spaces. We offer a compelling before-and-after look, illustrating how our expert approach to forestry mulching can revolutionise any landscape. Join us as we explore these remarkable transformations, highlighting the undeniable benefits of our services.


In Federal, Noosa Shire, we undertook a forestry mulching project on steep slopes and rocky terrain.

The Project

The land was engulfed in thick regrowth, dominated by overgrown lantana, camphor laurel, and wattle. These invasive species had created a dense underbrush, severely limiting the land’s usability and aesthetic appeal. Our task was to clear this undergrowth and tackle the challenges of the rugged terrain.

Federal- before

The Result

The transformation post-mulching was remarkable. The once-overgrown land emerged as a usable, visually appealing space. By removing the invasive vegetation, we significantly increased the land’s functionality, making it more accessible for our client. This process also played a crucial role in controlling weed infestations, contributing to the area’s ecological health. Our efforts not only showcased our expertise in handling challenging landscapes but also had a profound impact on enhancing the natural beauty and utility of our client’s property.

Federal - after

We were also able to complete the job within schedule and under budget. As a result, we could put money back in our client’s pocket. This underscores our ability to work fast, efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding land clearing, contact East Coast Mulching.

South Ipswich

Our next land clearing project occurred on a newly acquired property in South Ipswich. The owner wanted to repurpose the land as a pasture for their horses.

The Project

The challenge here was the dense vegetation, a mix of thick growth and valuable native trees. Our task was to clear the land efficiently while preserving the native vegetation. This was crucial for the property’s future use and aesthetic value. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase our targeted clearing approach.

South Ipswich - before

The Result

Employing our state-of-the-art forestry mulcher, we tackled the dense vegetation with precision. The transformation was significant, opening up the space and allowing the owner to redevelop and create their horse pasture. Our selective clearing approach was vital. We didn’t want to remove trees unnecessarily. It allowed us to maintain the native trees, providing shade for the horses and enhancing the property’s natural beauty. This project fulfilled the owner’s vision and demonstrated our ability to adapt our methods to the land’s and its owner’s specific needs.

South Ipswich - After

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding land clearing, contact East Coast Mulching.

North of Esk

Our next case study is a property North of Esk, recently acquired by a cattle owner.

The Project

The primary goal was to clear land for pasture while establishing clear property boundaries. A key challenge was the land’s slope towards a waterway, necessitating careful clearing to prevent erosion, which could lead to infertility and increased flood risk.

North of Esk - Before

The Result

Utilising our advanced mulching equipment, we approached this task with a focus on preserving the land’s integrity. Our method involved shredding vegetation and grinding stumps while keeping root systems intact, a crucial step in maintaining soil structure and preventing erosion. This approach ensured effective clearing without compromising the land’s health. Additionally, we were able to address invasive species, enhancing the safety of the cattle. This was achieved without resorting to harmful herbicides, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable land management practices. The result was a transformed property, ready for pasture development and safe for livestock and the environment.

North of Esk - After

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding land clearing, contact East Coast Mulching.


In Nanango, we encountered a property overwhelmed by 8-year-old regrowth, leading to severe overgrowth and limited accessibility.

The Project

The dense vegetation restricted the owner’s ability to fully enjoy and utilise their land. The growth was so extensive that the owner had been confined to the area around the house. They could not access areas of the property beyond the house yard area.

Nanango - Before

The Result

Our forestry mulching services were pivotal in transforming this property. By clearing the overgrown vegetation, we opened up new areas of the land previously inaccessible to the owner. This enhanced the owner’s enjoyment of their property and significantly increased its potential for redevelopment.

Nanango - After

One of the key benefits of our service was the reduction in bushfire risk, a crucial factor in Australian landscapes. Additionally, the clearing provided a clearer view of the land’s potential, aiding in future development planning. This not only improved the property’s usability but also led to a substantial increase in its value. Now, with more of the land accessible and usable, the owner can fully appreciate and utilise their property to its most significant potential.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding land clearing, contact East Coast Mulching.

Hervey Bay

Our next venture brought us to a waterfront property in Hervey Bay owned by a family passionate about boating.

The Project

Despite the property’s promising location, excessive vegetation had become a significant barrier, preventing access to the water. The challenge was to clear a path to the waterfront while preserving the area’s natural beauty.

Hervey Bay - Before

The Result

Forestry mulching proved to be the ideal solution for this task. We successfully cleared a pathway to the water, enabling easy access for the family’s boat. Our approach was selective preservation and avoiding native forest logging of any threatened species. We maintained the native species of trees, ensuring the property’s natural charm was not lost. The outcome was a harmonious blend of accessibility and aesthetics, transforming the property into an attractive, functional space for the family. They can now fully enjoy their waterfront location, with the added benefit of having direct access to the water for their boating activities.

Hervey Bay - After

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding land clearing, contact East Coast Mulching.


Our final case study takes us to Diddilibah, where we tackled a project central to Australian land management: fire mitigation.

The Project

The property in question had a dense buildup of vegetation, perilously close to the family home. Addressing such fire risks promptly and efficiently is not just a matter of property maintenance but of safety.

Diddilibah - before

The Result

Our forestry mulching service proved an effective solution for this critical task. With limited equipment and staffing, we could work swiftly and effectively. As shown in the second photo, we successfully cleared the potential fuel load surrounding the home. Our approach was not just about clearing but also targeted, strategic removal. We managed to reduce the fire risk significantly while avoiding unnecessary tree removal. This not only enhanced the safety of the property but also preserved its natural environment. The family can now feel more secure, knowing that the fire risk has been substantially mitigated while maintaining their property’s beauty and ecological balance.

Diddilibah - after

If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding land clearing, contact East Coast Mulching.


We can perform land clearing across many areas of the Sunshine Coast. Our results attest that land cleared with forestry mulching effectively meets property owners’ needs. You can see the dramatic transformations possible with mulching services through these images.

With our equipment, we can navigate challenging terrain and steep slopes and remove woody vegetation in a targeted way. Our services can help you get more out of your property and reduce fire risks.

Do you want to see similar results on your property? Contact us today for a free quote on your land clearance needs.

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