Construction fleet management and precision GPS tracking software

Construction fleet management gsp tracking

This post will discuss the innovative technology we use to keep track of our construction fleet management of machinery. By using this technology, we can reduce our overheads, which we can pass on to our customers.

Key takeaways from this post:

  1. Fleet management through GPS tracking improves land clearing efficiency and reduces costs.
  2. GPS tracking can help operators navigate complex terrain and assess optimal property navigation.
  3. GPS tracking provides real-time data on equipment use and maintenance. This data helps prevent failures and downtime.
  4. GPS tracking improves safety by helping operators understand site layouts and identify hazards.
  5. Improved safety lowers insurance premiums and avoids costly fines and penalties.

GPS technology for construction equipment is well established. But, construction fleet tracking solutions apply to more than construction sites. Improvements to asset utilisation in land clearing are also possible. East Coast Mulching is the perfect example.

GPS technology can help reduce costs and improve safety and efficiency. East Coast Mulching uses cutting-edge fleet tracking devices from The Fleet Office.

fleet tracking technology

Image: courtesy of The Fleet Office.

Construction fleet management

Construction equipment telematics allows remote access to critical machinery data. Monitoring a construction vehicle helps fleet managers improve fuel usage and safety on job sites.

The technology for enhancing construction assets also assists vehicle utilisation in land clearing.

fleet management construction

Image: The Fleet Office

Efficient land clearing

Greater land clearing efficiency means lower costs and greater productivity. Tracking fleet vehicles through GPS improves our efficiency in several ways.

Property navigation

thefleetoffice run time on equipment

It would be nice to only work on flat land with no impassable obstructions. In reality, properties contain various complexities, such as steep inclines, boulders and waterways. Vegetation is also uneven. Properties may have dense growth and large trees next to sparse areas.

These features impact how best to approach a piece of land. With GPS input, we can check our progress in real-time. This oversight allows us to identify bottlenecks or delays that may impact efficiency. Identifying and addressing these issues as they arise keeps projects moving forward. We also experience fewer unnecessary delays.

Optimising property navigation reduces fuel usage and job time. This helps us keep our costs down.

Maintenance with fleet management software

GPS technology provides real-time data on our equipment’s location and use. This asset tracking helps maximize our machinery’s operation. With GPS data, we can identify maintenance issues before they become serious problems. Fleet maintenance software alerts us to maintenance or repair needs. These alerts help prevent equipment failure or downtime. Reduced downtime means greater productivity.

GPS systems can also help keep track of our equipment’s maintenance history. We record all machine maintenance and repair activities in our equipment management software. These records help schedule future maintenance and identify potential issues that need addressing.

Fleet safety

Our staff’s safety is our most important consideration. With our GPS software, we can mitigate risks and improve safety across all projects.

fleet safety of machines

On-site safety

Better planning reduces the risk of accidents or injuries. Our GPS technology helps our operators better understand the layout and terrain of a site. This knowledge allows us to identify potential hazards and reduce their risk. For example, GPS monitoring helps navigate properties with steep slopes or other features. We are then able to avoid or mitigate these hazards. Studies into firefighter traversal on steep terrain show the value of GPS systems.

Also, tracking our equipment status decreases the likelihood of equipment failure or malfunction. Better-maintained equipment means fewer accidents and injuries. Regular equipment maintenance and servicing ensure machinery remains in good working order. Equipment is then less likely to cause problems on the job.

Insurance benefits

Insurance companies understand the importance of GPS systems in crafting policies [2]. Our GPS-enhanced safety protocols have several insurance benefits for our operations.

Having a good safety record means more favourable terms and lower premiums. With our safety record, we pay lower insurance premiums than a company with a poor record. After all, our safe work practices make us lower risk. The reduced chance of accidents and injuries means less chance of an insurance claim.

Improved safety also helps avoid costly fines and penalties. Insurance policies often lead to higher premiums or cancellations for breaking safety regulations. Maintaining a strong safety record ensures we follow these regulations. We are then able to avoid any potential insurance issues.

Let’s work together

GPS solutions are well known with construction fleets. But, construction fleet management solutions also revolutionize land clearing operations. At East Coast Mulching, we’ve maximized our heavy equipment use.

We can tackle any land clearing project with our safety protocols and efficiencies. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or local council project, we can meet your needs. Reach out and say hello.

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