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Native vegetation clearing 4 landscape vegetation clearing services

Vegetation clearing is a necessary part of any landscaping project. This includes removing noxious weeds, grasses, shrubs, trees, and other unwanted plant life. Land clearing improves your property aesthetically and can help protect vegetation and native animal species to thrive.

Here are four services for further advice on keeping your landscape healthy and looking good through vegetation clearing.


1. Lawn maintenance

Depending on the size of your property, maintaining your lawn can be a significant task. Lawn maintenance includes many elements that contribute to a well-manicured property. These services may include:


Controlling ground cover

The dense ground cover makes your lawn appear dishevelled and unmanaged. Lawn care services will cut back grown-out grass cover to provide a more manicured appeal.

Keeping your grass short also helps to prevent snakes from entering your property. Snakes don’t like moving through short grass since it exposes them to predators. They are also easier to spot.


Trimming hedges and trees

Foliage like shrubs and trees will outgrow their space and potentially cause aesthetic problems and issues for neighbouring vegetation. Effective lawn management will trim back offending branches and clear away remnant vegetation.

Overgrown trees can also cause problems for infrastructure. Overhanging branches may threaten to damage your house if caught in a storm or pose a power risk. Pruning trees regularly, especially those close to buildings, help your home and family stay safe.



Maintaining your lawn’s health is the most critical consideration for a landowner. It’s essential to weed the garden sustainably. A landscaping service should look out for weed infestations and deal with them as necessary to preserve your property’s native vegetation.

Weeding may include simply pulling invasive plants out of the ground. Removing weeds repeatedly should eliminate their presence in your garden over time.

You can also opt to spray them with a herbicide. Herbicides can be effective in controlling weed infestations. However, they can also cause unintended effects. Herbicides may impact native vegetation and should always be used as directed. The chemicals may also stay in the soil and disrupt crucial microbial ecosystems.


2. Why tree clearing is important

There are different tree removal methods. It’s best to leave significant clearing projects to professional land clearing specialists, such as removing trees. But forestry mulching offers the best return for clients through service effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability. There are several reasons for this, including the following:


Protected vegetation through targeted clearing

There may be specific trees you want to remove for various reasons. Reasons may include the tree:

  • Poses a danger to infrastructure;
  • Is housing an invasive species;
  • Blocks the view
  • It takes up land you’d like to develop.

You may also want to preserve a particular tree and clear the vegetation around it.

A forestry mulching service can tailor their clearing job to cater to your needs and help craft the property you envision for your family. However, before tackling any vegetation-clearing project it is essential to understand Queensland’s native vegetation-clearing laws.


Environmental sustainability of vegetation clearing

A forestry mulcher will shred trees on the spot and turn them into mulch. When the mulch decays, it imbues the earth with more nutrients. This helps regenerate the soil, which may have been overrun with weeds.

Roots are pivotal in preventing erosion as they improve the soil’s structural integrity. Forestry mulching also grinds stumps and preserves the root system. This method makes disturbing the ground by uprooting trees and causing avoidable damage unnecessary.


Cost efficiency

Forestry mulching requires one machine, which cuts fuel costs and human resources. In contrast, a method like clearing and grubbing may require equipment such as:

  • Bulldozers;
  • excavators;
  • dump trucks;
  • backhoes.

All this machinery drives up costs dramatically. Having all this equipment on your property can also damage the earth and cause unnecessary headaches.

Only needing one machine also enables the clearing service to work quickly. A provider like East Coast Mulching can finish the job fast and affordably.

the grove residential land clearing
Location: The Grove Residential

3. Seasonal maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is generally more in-depth than primary lawn care and tailored to the season you’re responding to. Some services you may consider are:


Ornamental grass dividing

Ornamental grasses are famous for their attractiveness and disease and pest resistance. They are versatile and work well in most areas. They are also cost-effective but require time and effort to maintain. If you have a space in your garden you’d like to fill, some ornamental grass should work well. If you need help keeping up, a landscaping service can help.

Maintaining your ornamental grass’s health involves dividing them to restrict their size and maintain vigour. Dividing can also help you produce more plants and fill out your garden.

Use a square-mouth shovel to take clumps from the side of a grass mound. Depending on the size, You may dig the entire plant from the ground and split it in half or quarters. After splitting, replant the new sections for increased coverage.


Leaf cleanup

Cleaning up debris from fallen leaves and flowers is vital to ensuring your garden remains free of pests that may see them as fodder. This service is especially critical to properties after the flush in spring and the resulting dormancy in autumn and winter.

You may feel that organic debris helps provide nutrients for the soil. However, a mulch layer can provide a similar benefit while protecting plants from frost damage and infestations.


4. Extreme weather clearing

Routine maintenance is essential, but what happens when extreme weather causes havoc on your land? Broken branches and fallen trees are hazards that must be cleaned up so you can rehabilitate your property.

Logistically, forestry mulching services provide the most effective solution to storm cleanup efforts. Our equipment can clear vegetation on the spot, decreasing the costs of hauling trees offsite and reducing the risks involved.

Heavy rainfall softens the earth and makes it vulnerable to damage from heavy machinery. Our forestry mulcher is a compact track loader that places less pressure on the sensitive ground than the skid steers operated by competing land clearing methods. When we work to clear your property, our machinery will preserve your soil’s integrity and prevent further damage to your land.


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